In 1989, Gorkha Brewery (P) Ltd. was established a joint collaboration between leading Nepali business houses and the Danish multinational company Carlsberg A/S, Gorkha Brewery (P) Ltd. was and continues to be one of the largest single foreign investments in Nepal, and in 2004, started Brewing & Marketing Sam Miguel beer, on the licence agreement with San Miguel Brewing International Ltd., Phillipines.

Spread over nearly seven hectares, a picturesque state-of-the-art brewery was established on the banks of river Narayani near Narayan Ghat city. Tuborg, which was launched in May 1990, was the first-ever international brand introduced in Nepal. It was followed by Carlsberg in 1995.

Gorkha Brewery changed the Nepali beer industry forever. Over the past 15 years, it has grown to become the market leader holding more than 80% share of Nepal's beer market.

This extraordinary success is the result of excellence in every arena: brewing to truly international standards, stringent quality control, efficient and nationwide distribution, cutting edge marketing and sales strategies and prudent financial management. Adding that extra bit every time are the talented and dynamic people who work for Gorkha Brewery.

A testament to Gorkha Brewery's unrelenting commitment to quality is adorned in the Golden Word Award - 2000 received by Gorkha Brewery for its outstanding ability to live up to the highest quality mark in production standards among sixty-six other Carlsberg breweries. Highest quality mark in production standards among sixty-six other

Gorkha Brewery boats of the most modern and complete wastewater treatment plant in the region. The plant has the capacity to reduce biological oxygen demand to well below 10mg/lt to the international standards. It is because of this dedication to protect the environment, Gorkha Brewery has won many words of praise and has become a place of study and interest to many environmentalists, scholars and students.

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